Publication fees

E-Publication Fees:

350 Egyptian pounds for 15 pages + 10 Egyptian pounds for each extra page.


Authors will be billed for 100.00 US Dollars per 10 printed pages once the paper has been accepted for publication, 5 US $ for each extra page.

The publication fees send to:

Community and Environmental Committee Sohag University, POB 82524 Sohag, Egypt.

The Fees will be paid by post , Cash , Check or Visa .

The count number is :9/450/80792/2 Sohag University Marketing Services Centre (SUMSC) .

Subscription information:

The journal of JCES is published quarterly in March, June, September and December.

Authors will receive their published works as PDF files + 10 original reprints.

JCES can send also any requested number of reprints, in this case, the authors will pay 3$/reprint + 10$ for mail.

Subscription price per year:

Institution: 160$

Personal: 120$

Egyptian Institution: 200 Egyptian pounds

Egyptian researcher: 120 Egyptian pounds