Guide for Authors

  • It should not have been published in any other scientific journal
  •  Research submitted to scientific arbitration by professors specialized in the fields of this research and confidentially before publication.
  •  The researcher undertakes to review the research linguistically after being arbitrated scientifically.
  •  The research should be submitted in two copies in Arabic or English with an electronic copy.
  •  The researcher will be given a copy of the journal number beside ten Mstlath of his research.
  •  The opinions expressed in the research reflect the opinion of the authors and not the opinion of the magazine or its publication.
  •  The Journal accepts articles, research papers and research abstracts.
  •  For publishers from non-Arabic countries, the Journal is committed to translating the abstract into Arabic.
  •  To publish research in Arabic, follow the writing style of what is recorded in research in Arabic.
  •  Research can be sent as an attachment to the e-mail of the magazine and put solars and tables in separate files with the use of Winzip programs that compress the electronic space for the attached file

 writing in Arabic languageThe following are the notes that we hope to take into consideration when writing the research in its final form for publication in JCES.

  • writing on a computer compatible with the IBM system taking into account.
  • Program used Microsoft word.
  •  Font Transparent Arabic.
  •  Writing on A4 paper and the written material area is 12 x 18.5 cm, leaving margins of paper of 2.5 cm from all sides.
  •  Writing at a distance and a half and the size of the line 142 - The order of the parts of the research as follows: -
  •  The title of the research is written in bold font size 16.
  • The names of researchers in the line (Bold) size 12.
  •  Title of the researcher (s) in (Bold) size of 12 italic.
  •  Door heads (such as results or discussion) are written to the right of the line in Bold size 16.
  •  Search parts are arranged as follows:


  •  Introduction.
  • Materials Methods.
  • Results and discussion:Recommendations.
  •  References:
    Writing the scientific material for research:
  •  The scientific material of the summary is written in Arabic Transparent size 14 and the number of words of the abstract does not exceed 500 words, and placed in the header of the abstract title of research, the names of researchers, workplace with the numbers that link the name and place of work. Email must be placed for one or all of the researchers.
  •  Write the scientific material for the rest of the research handwriting Arabic Transparent Size 14.
  •  Tables and explanatory materials:-
    Tables and illustrations of forms, images, diagrams, etc., should be clear, well prepared, on a suitable glossy or transparent paper with a suitable size for the printing area of ​​the magazine page with the presentation of the assets of images and shapes.- Data for tables (or explanatory material) are sufficient to understand it without reference to the written text and always use the International Standard Units (SI)
  •  Abbreviations:
    Do not use abbreviations in the title or in the summary except for abbreviations for units of measurement.- Use the abbreviations of globally agreed titles.
  •  References:
    In writing references, either in the text or in the list of references, use the method described in the attached form.- References in alphabetical order are listed in alphabetical order by authors' names and years of publication.
  •  Appendix:
    You may use the footer to illustrate information, numbering the footer in sequential numbers for each page separately.