Suspended Particulate Matter Levels in Bab Al-Mua'dham/ Baghdad and Its Relationship with the Metrological Factors

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.VIII: 41-45 (8), 5 pages
Author:Abdulmuhsin ' Shihab
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This research aimed to study and analyze the suspended particulate matter levels in Baghdad city center, in addition to its comparison with specification. Baghdad city exposed every year, especially at wind blowing, to high levels of suspended dust due to the decreased green areas and rain. Many studies had showed the severity of breathing of very fine suspended particulate. The data of suspended particulate and metrological factors which was obtained from Baghdad Environment Directorate for the years 2000 and 2001 at Bab Al-Muadham area were analyzed. The results showed that total suspended particulate ranged from 61-1490 mg/m3 at the year 2000 with an average of 293 mg/m3 and standard deviation of 289 mg/m3, which is higher than the allowable limit of 200 mg/m3. At 2001, total suspended particulate ranged from 31-1031 mg/m3 with and average of 244 mg/m3 and standard deviation of 163 mg/m3, which is also higher the allowable level with 17% decrease than that at 2000. The highest average concentration of suspended dust was recorded at March due to the increase storms at that month. On the other hand, the rainy months recorded suspended particulate concentration below the recommended level as the rain wash the air and made the soil humid with cohesion. The results also showed a significant reverse relationship between suspended particulate concentration and each of relative humidity and atmospheric pressure, while it showed direct relationship with wind speed and air temperature. As wind speed increases its ability to transfer the soil increases, on contrary to that in numerous countries of large green areas, the wind clean the air and dilute the pollutants. The research had regard wind speed as the limiting factor of dust pollution for Baghdad city. The research also recommended making a green belt around Baghdad city and forests to work as a baffle for dust.


Air pollution, Metrological Factors, particulate matter, Storms