Studying of noise pollution for selected classrooms in Tikrit university-Iraq

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.VIII:1-7 (8), 7 pages
Author:Abbas ' Hadi Abbas
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This research paper is accomplished to study some criteria which are related to noise pollution and their effects on the educational processes for selected classrooms in Tikrit University-Iraq. These criteria are representing in the equivalent indoor noise (Leq), Signal to Noise ratio (SNR), Reverberation time and the damping of walls, windows and doors to the outdoor noise. The equivalent indoor noise for all classrooms ranges were (66.92-59.24) dB(A) while the results showed acute decreasing in SNR especially to the students whom sitting in the classroom back sitting desks. Also the results showed that the Reverberation time was (0.24-0.28) sec which were within allowable limits. The damping ranges were (9.1-15.2) dB (A) and it is too much lesser than the acceptable limits.


Signal to Noise ratio (SNR), Reverberation time (RT), equivalent indoor noise (Leq), Tikrit