Following characteristics of knowledge management to achieve quality assurance of higher education

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (9), 9 pages
Author:Mohammad 'Abu-Qulah
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The study aimed to know the effect of following some of the characteristics of knowledge to achieve the quality assurance of education "study applied to private Jordan colleges," The study indicated, there is significant statistical relationship between the activities carried out by faculty staff members and ensure the quality of education. In addition, the study indicated that a trace of computing, diversification of the library contents and provide the means of modern technology are important to ensure the quality of education. The study provided a set of recommendations, including the college offers support for the scientific activities of the faculty, and to appoint members of the owners of high expertise, and enhance and diversify the computerization of the library, and provide the necessary technological means for education.


Filed study, Educational quality assurance, Technological tools, International quality standers