Comparison Between Continuous and Batch Flow Activated Sludge Reactor to Remove Nitrate and Phosphate From Domestic Wastewater

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (9), 6 pages
Author:Waleed 'Alabdraba
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In this paper a comparison between continuous and batch flow activated sludge reactor to remove nitrate and phosphate from domestic wastewater, tow bench scale units was operated one work as continuous reactor and the second as batch reactor, the raw wastewater brought up from one of the lifting pump stations in Tikrit city and pass it throw metal screen to prevent floating materials from entering the units. The results shows the batch flow reactor followed by mixing without aeration is the best in bring down total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity and salinity while the best removal of nitrate 63.5% and chemical oxygen demand 91.85% achieved in batch flow reactor. The best removal of phosphate is 96% achieved in batch flow reactor with mixing only before the aeration. the batch flow reactor and the batch flow reactor followed by mixing give the best settling characteristic of sludge, while the pH don’t affected by the flow regime.


Nitrate Removal, Phosphate Removal, Batch Flow, Continuous Flow.