Study of Cotton lints Discoloration Phenomenon and its Relation with Seedling Emergence

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (9), 6 pages
Author:Makarim 'Younus
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Discoloration phenomenon of cotton seed lint of. Variety Ashor 1 was observed and its relation to seedling emergence was investigated. The study includes seeds with different colored seed lint; green, pink, yellow along with the normal white color. Cotton seeds with green lint were significantly enhanced seedling emergence, while seeds with pinkish or yellow color lint showed high reduction in emergence percentages. Percentages of emergence after one week were 20 and 8% for the green and white colored lint respectively, while no emergence was observed for the other colors. Although, remarkable increment in seedling emergence occurred after the second week, the green lint colored seeds was significantly higher than the others. However, sowing pink, yellow and white lint seeds in the green lint seed soil, improved seedling emergence. The Stimulation effect of green lint seeds was significantly affected by surface sterilization.


Cotton, Seedlings emergence enhancement, discoloration of cotton seeds lint