Softening of Groundwater in Tikrit University by Using Reverse

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (17), 10 pages
Author:Abbas ' Hadi Abbas
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This research is accomplished to the soften of groundwater at Tikrit University site by using reverse osmosis (RO) membrane system. RO type TW 30 -1812- 50 is used in this research. The system achieved water recovery rate percentage between 6.75%-7.75 % and salt rejection percentage ranged between 89.22%-92.2% .Also the results showed high removal efficiency for physical and chemical concentrations of raw groundwater for TDS (89.22-92.2 %, EC (88.٠- 91.29)%, Turbidity (53.65-81.25)%. Total Hardness (94.11-95.55 %, Alkalinity (96.25-97.٠٠) %, Ca (92.88-96.43) %, Mg (91.95-96.52)%, Cl (93.68-94.27)%, SO4 (85.66-90.37)%, Na (75.72- 96.36)%, and Fe 100%. ROSA 72 software program is used in designing of reverse osmosis then the results were satisfied and accepted.



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