Treatment of industrial wastewater by advanced oxidation processes using Ozone

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (18), 8 pages
Author:Ahmed 'Abdel-Raheem
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Advanced oxidation processes are important chemical methods in the treatment of industrial wastewater. During this study, advanced oxidation processes were used in the treatment of industrial wastewater (removal of COD and color) using Ozone(O3) and by using the semi bubble column system. Five concentrations of Ozone were used (96, 192, 288, 384, 480) mg / respectively. The rest of the treatment conditions (temperature, pH) were fixed at their best conditions (10, 23 oC, respectively). The study showed a good efficiency of using Ozone in the industrial wastewater treatment. The efficiency of removal of COD was 70.73% with contact time of 90 minutes using the concentration of Ozone 480mg /, while the color removal efficiency was 74.44% and contact time 70 minutes using the concentration of Ozone 384mg / ,The study showed that the using of the treatment processes led to an increase in the value of TDS for the all concentrations of Ozone used.


- Ozone, Reactive Red 120, AOPs, Industrial Wastewater


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