Evaluation of Water Quality for Supply Networks in some Districts of Samarra City

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (16), 8 pages
Author:Khalid ' Latif
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This research includs a study of the qualitative assessment of the treatment plant and the water network in Samarra city/Iraq. The duration of the research was from 26/12/2011 until 12/4/2012, which included examining the physical and chemical parameters of drinking water. The physical and chemical characteristics investigated in this study include: (residual chlorine, turbidity, electrical conductivity, pH, total hardness, magnesium, calcium, chloride, alkaline, total soluble materials and Suspended solids materials). Statistical analysis was performed and the results showed that correlation (R2=1) between the depended variable which is the residual chlorine and independed variables including pH, distance and temperature. The results of the tests were compared with the Iraqi standards for drinking water No. 417 of 2001, which indicates that the quality of pumped drinking water quality was good and and comply with the approved standards.


Drinking water, Samarra, Residual chlorine, Turbidity, Hardness