Environmental Stresses and it's relationship with Domestic Violence (Descriptive Study)

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (16), 18 pages
Author:Vivre 'Elhady
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The search aimed to reveal the nature of the relationship between various kinds of environmental stresses and domestic violence (violence against women), and to identify the causes and manifestations and effects of the phenomenon of violence, as well as sources of environmental stresses, and adopted a researcher at the descriptive approach, noting the most important search results: women subjected to violence in all its forms verbal, physical, psychological, sexual, social, economic, correlated environmental stresses with number of physical and mental disorders, aggression, anger, sleeping disorders, anxiety, impulsive behavior, and complaints of physical, there is a positive correlation between violence against women and stress, link violence with a number of mental disorders such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and selfharm, and the most important causes of violence against women, inequality between the couple in the level of education and age, social and economic, and the weakness of religious faith, and increased violence in the media, increasing violence against women in the low educational levels and in the rural than in urban areas, the most important recommendations need the establishment of specialized centers for physical and psychological treatment for battered women and increase psychological and sexual adjustment between the couple and training on the proper strategies to deal with environmental stress.


Environmental stresses, Domestic violence