Water Quality Assessment for irrigation and livestock drinking in Abu Maria village/ district of Tall-Afar-Iraq

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (18), 14 pages
Author:Marwa 'R.Obiedallah
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the quality of some water resources in the location of Abu Maria village in the district of Tall Afar in the north – eastern of Mosul city for irrigation and agricultural uses, which is considered as an agricultural land which uses these water resources for livestock drinking and agricultural irrigation, water samples were collected from eight wells and two spring during 2013 to determine some parameters such as pH, EC25, Anions, Cations, SAR, RSC and P. Salinity, the geometric mean formula was applied to determination of water quality index (WQI) for evaluation, also the water resources was evaluated for agricultural uses according to universal standard classification. The results of water quality index (WQI) revealed that water resources under study have bad quality ( category IV) due to high value of Ec25 , Ca and SO4 = which amount to 3116 µS/cm, and 32-44 meq. /l respectively, but it have suitable quality for livestock drinking (category III).


WQI, Ground water quality, Water assessment for agricultural uses.


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