The Extent Implementation of Total Quality Management Elements and its Impact on Competitive Advantage "Case Study on the Jordanian Cement Company (Lafarge)"

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (13), 17 pages
Author:Mohammad 'Abu-Qulah
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This study aimed at analyzing the actual application of the elements of total quality management as a competitive advantage, which necessarily require public awareness for the workers at the Jordan Cement (Lafarge) to the importance of applying these elements of the total quality management, the study also aimed at determining trends of the study sample to some elements of the total quality management and competitive advantage, and then to identify the most important elements affecting the competitive advantage in the cement Company of Jordan, besides determining the differences with implications of statistical trends in the study sample to some elements of the total quality management and the competitive advantage due to the demographic variables (gender, educational level, nationality, functional level, specialization) in testing the hypotheses of the study.


Total quality management, competitive advantage, Jordan Cement Company.