Flexural behavior of self-compacted reinforced concrete beams

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (12), 9 pages
Author:Kamal ' Mahmoud
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Eight reinforced concrete rectangular beams were designed and tested to study the effect of using selfcompacted concrete (SCC) on the flexural behavior under two concentrated load. All beams have the same longitudinal and vertical steel ratio and gross section area of (150000) mm2. The tested beams were divided into two groups; the first group consist of four (SCC) beams while the second group consist of four normal strength concrete (NSC). Each group was divided into two series according to clear span to effective depth ratio (ln/d), each series consist of two compressive strength (fc). It was found that the ultimate and cracking moment capacity predicted from ACI318M-08 is conservative prediction than experimental result for both SCC beams and NSC beams, the beams which made from SCC were more stiffer as compared with the beam which made from NCC with same of the clear span to effective depth ratio, longitudinal steel ratio, vertical steel ratio and relative compressive strength. the experimental ultimate moment capacity and cracking moment predicted from SCC beams were greater than the ultimate moment capacity predicted from NSC beams, the ultimate load capacity of SCC increased about 28.89%, 25% when the clear span to the effective depth ratio (ln/d) decreased from 10 to 8.4 at compressive strength (fc) 23.81 and 17.9 MPa respectively while the ultimate load capacity of NSC increased about 26.3%, 21.21% when the clear span to the effective depth ratio (ln/d) decreed from 10 to 8.4 at compressive strength (fc) 22.41 and 16.2 MPa respectively, and the ultimate load capacity of SCC increased about 10%, 12.5% when the compressive strength (fc) increased from (17.9) to (23.81) MPa at clear span to effective depth ratio (ln/d) (8.4),(10) respectively while the ultimate load capacity of NSC increased about 14.28%, 15.15% when the compressive strength (fc ) increased from (16.2) to (22.41) MPa at clear span to effective depth ratio (ln/d) (8.4),(10) respectively



flexural strength, self-compacted concrete beams, normal strength concrete, cracking moment, ultimate and nominal moment.