Production of bio-emulsifier using hydrocarbon degrading local bacterial isolates

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.11 (11), 3 pages
Author:Iman 'Qatia
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The goal of this research is to obtain local bacterial isolates producing bioemulsifiere and have the ability to degrade insoluble hydrocarbons, which must be treated and detoxified. Nine bacterial strains were isolated from different soils contaminated with oil derivatives after culturing soil sample on special medium that contain of cyclohexane as hydrocarbon source. The isolates SD1, SD4, SG3 and SB2 showed an obvious dispersion of oil. Selected isolates were tested with Spectrophotometer at 660nm to determine growth of selected isolates as well as there efficiency to increase surface tension of the medium after (12-72 h). Result showed that the isolate SD4 has high ability to produce emulsifier and growing with insoluble hydrocarbon. Result show that all isolates belong to pseudomonas aeruginosa species.


Bacteria, Hydrocarbon, Water pollution, Emulsions