Preservation food by use microwave

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.11 (11), 4 pages
Author:Sahar 'Omran
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This study involved the impact of waves (50Hz) minute to save the food from contamination within the period of storage, a physical and bio test of the dishes used in food preservation (cork, plastic, carton paperboard), showed the physicist for the treatment of dishes, microwave periods (1, 1.5 0.2 minutes), the resistance of reinforced carton paperboard dishes higher than, followed by plastic and cork finally dishes. While the work showed the microbial-contamination (bacteria and fungi) of dishes from more cork (plastic dishes and dishes carton paperboard). physicist and bio-food exposed to waves minute periods (1, 1.5, 2) minutes and for 5 days of storage, and temperature (room temperature, 4 p.m. °), results showed contamination of foods containing meat, more of food containing carbohydrates, as that the period (1.5 minutes) was the best period of the vulnerability of food. The study showed that there is no difference between the storage of food exposed to micro-waves and temperatures (room temperature, 4 oC).


microwave, food preservation, microbiology of food contaminated