Qualitative evaluation of ground water in Abu-Jarboaa and AlDarrawesh villages/ Basiqa district for irrigation and livestock drinking

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (14), 6 pages
Author:Noor 'Al-Sardar
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This research work initiated to evaluate the ground water quality in Abu-Jarboaa and AlDarrawesh villages western Mosul city, which is considered as an agricultural land which uses these wells water for livestock drinking and agricultural irrigation, ground water samples were collected from six wells during dry season to determine the parameters: pH, EC25, Anions, Cations, SAR, RSC and P. Salinity, the geometric mean formula was applied for evaluation, also the wells water was evaluated for agricultural uses according to universal standard classification. It has been found that most of the measured parameters were high especially Electrical conductivity, P.Salinity, Calcium and Sulfate ions which reached to 1875 µS/cm and (31.5, 29.0, 52.9) meq / L respectively, so, it was effected on water quality and would be considered with high salinity (C3) according to USSL. According to water quality index (WQI) the analyzed waterwere specified as bad (TV) to marginal (III) for irrigation and livestock drinking.


water quality index (WQI), ground water quality.