The Impact of Different Ecological Pressures on Belongingness and the Possibility of Violence Growth Against Society for Teenagers

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (15), 27 pages
Author:Sally 'Anter
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The current study aimed at determining the level of ecological Stress (physical, social and technological ones), violence against society and belongingness for teenagers and determining the relation between ecological Stress and both belongingness and violence. It also aimed at studying the differences between the study variables that are related to sex and educational level. The study was applied on a sample of 200 teenage students (N=200) in secondary schools and university levels. The descriptive correlative method was used to determine the level of the study variables, examine the relation between the ecological pressures and both violence and belongingness and find the differences in study variables that are related to sex and educational level. The study found out that ecological Stress (physical, social and technological) are found in a moderate degree for teenagers, belongingness is found in a high degree whereas violence against society is found in a low degree. A statistically significant positive relation was found between low and moderate ecological Stress and belongingness and a negative correlative relation between high ecological Stress and belongingness. statistically significant differences were found between males and females in social ecological Stress for females. No significant differences were found between males and females in national belongingness and Arab nationwide belongingness. Statistically significant differences were found between secondary and university students in ecological pressures, psychological violence and the total degree of violence against society for the secondary students. Statistically significant relations of feeling of belongingness (both national and Arab nationwide) were found for university students. No statistically significant relations were found between university and secondary levels in physical violence.


Ecological Stress, Physical Stress, Technological Stress, Social Stress, National and Arab nationwide belongingness, Violence against society