Determination and study of pollution in -chemical and microbiology Variables in industrial waste water for the soft drink plants

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.19 (19), 7 pages
Author:خير الله 'عبد الله
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This study included an assessment of the quality of liquid industrial wastes for the production of soft drinks in the city of Kirkuk (Kirkuk Company - Pepsi Cola Company Karawachi Company). The samples were collected at regular monthly intervals for a period of six months starting from September 217 until February 2018. Measurements included basal calcium carbonate, ammonia with an estimate of the amount of nutrients (nitrite, nitrate and phosphates) as well as potassium ions, aluminum and a section of biological pollution included BOD. COD. TOTAL COLFIRM, yeast and mold, all of which exceeded standard specifications except ammonia and nitrite were within limits.


Chemical characters, Microbial characters, Industrial water, Soft drinks