Perceptions and Practices Regarding The Rights to Reproductive Health; A hospital – based Study for A sample of Women in AL- Yarmmook Teaching Hospital

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.I: 47-53 (1), 7 pages
Author:Najlaa 'Jamil
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Long- term neglect of women's reproductive rights has serious impact on female health in the form of increased maternal mortality and morbidity. The present study was conducted to assess women's perceptions and their using of their reproductive health rights and to find out, if there is a difference in the concept ,and in using of reproductive health rights according to some sociodemographaic variables. Across sectional study were conducted among (500) married women of the reproductive age (15-49 years) who attended the out- patient clinic at AL- Yarmmook Teaching Hospital in Baghdad-Iraq, during the period from the 1st of November2007 to the 1st of April 2008. Structured interview questionnaire was used to collect the information regarding the women's perceptions and practice regarding their reproductive health rights and some of their sociodemographaic variables. The results showed that most of the women had positive perception about their rights to reproductive health, 495 (99%) have positive perception to health care during pregnancy and delivery. The study sample showed that 280 (90.3%) of the women who were using family planning methods had correct concept about family planning. The women's age, educational level and employment status showed a highly statistical significant association with women's awareness of and practice for screening technique for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), cervical smear, and breast-self examination. Most of the women have positive perceptions regarding their reproductive health rights.


perceptions, practice, reproductive, health, rights, women.