Removal of Acid Orange AO12 Dye from Water using Advanced Photochemical Oxidation with Ferrous

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.19 (19), 6 pages
Author:اروه 'علوان
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The advanced oxidation processes are considered the most important methods used in wastewater treatment for fabric industries. The research involved studying the effect of fabric industries wastewater treatments which contamination with nitrogen bonds pigments (Acid Orange 12). The concentration of Fe+2 were 22.5, 56, 94 and 130 mg ∕ L, while the concentration of applied pigment =100 mg ∕ L. The reaction occurred in the presence of U.V radiation with strength of 20 and 40 watts, and another case without U.V radiation. The study included the concentration effect of ferrous ions in addition to studying the effect of reaction time, rate of mixing and mole ratio on the efficiency of contaminant removal. The other circumstances temp and pH were in ideal cases. The efficiencies of pigments removal in using ferrous ions in treatment processes without using U.V and in the presence of 20 and 40 watts of U.V radiation were 77.52, 77.68 and 84.77% respectively. The kinetics of pigments removal showed that the rate of removal pigments follows the first order relative to reactants concentrations.


Advanced oxidation process, UV, pH