The Academic Staff's Perception of Their Role in Serving The Society at AL- Balqa Applied University in Jordan

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.III: 159-168 (3), 10 pages
Author:Ammar ' Al- Frehat
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This study aims at unfolding the academic staff's perception of their role in serving the society at al-balqa applied university in Jordan. The sample consists of 100 staff members at the university colleges: Ajloun, irbed .al- hoson. The researchers used the questionnaire of (ashoor, 2004), that include (69) parts, distripnted into six sections: cultural, social, economic, health, environmental, and educational. The study comes out to the conclusion and that the academic staff's perception of their role in serving the society was moderate and the six sections were ordered as follows : educational , social , cultural , economic, environmental and health also , the study affirms that there are no differences regarding the following factors : gender, experience and specialization.


Academic Staff’s, AL- Balqa Applied University and Serving the Society