Geo-development opportunities surrounding the new proposed road between Sohag and El-Wadi El-Geded

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.III: 147-158 (3), 12 pages
Author:Ahmed ' Yossef
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Sohag Governorate covers an overpopulation narrow part of the Nile Valley bonded by the limestone scrap from the east and west limiting the development opportunities for the population of the Governorate. Connecting Sohag to El- Wadi El-Geded through a new desert road will generate important opportunities for the development. The present article studied the alternatives to establish a new road connecting Sohag to EL- Wadi l-Geded. Three alternatives for the proposed road were studied in detail.. The northern path of extends from Cairo-Aswan road to Assiut –El-Wadi escarpment extends for 90 km while the middle path extends on an old road follow the electric line for 120 km and the southern path extends for 130 km and parallel to the old railway that connects El- Kharga to Assiut - El-Wadi ElGeded escarpment. The study included the geomorphological, geological, natural hazards as well as the available investment opportunities associated with the establishment of the proposed road. The detailed study indicated that the middle path is the most suitable one for establishment the proposed road. The proposed road will create a number of development opportunities for the community in both Sohag and El- Wadi El- Geded. The development opportunities include the sand and gravel mining that extends on huge quantities on the top of the limestone scarp in addition to the marble and calcite that could be used for different industries. The available limestone extends with suitable quality for cement and sugar industries. The reclaimable lands in El- Wadi El-Geded will create new job opportunities for the people in Sohag in addition to the social cooperation of the families in the two governorates.


Sohag - El- Wadi El- Geded road, Western desert, Rural development, Natural resources, natural hazards