Environmental pollution - concept, forms and how to reduce the severity of it

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.III: 121-133 (3), 13 pages
Author:Khlaif ' Gharaybeh
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Sorts and types of environmental pollution vary according to their impact, source or cause. Pollution types based on impact can be classified into pollution with acceptable limits, risk pollution that a lot of industrial countries suffer from and ecosystem destroying pollution. Those related to source are natural pollution and human caused pollution. This study not only investigates the human caused pollution like air, water, soil, solid waste, noise, radiation, biological pollution, indoor pollution, in addition to the moral pollution involving culture, the media, ethics and thoughts, but it also explores ways of reducing its impact as much as possible. As pollution has become a global phenomenon, many international institutions and organizations, like Green Peace and the Environment Supporters, have been set up to tackle this serious problem. Because this problem endangers the future of human life on Earth, the researchers suggests several actions that may help hamper its on impact on the environment. These include: Encouraging ecotourism, expansion of reserves, fostering environmental awareness, training qualified personnel in fields of environmental science, enacting laws controlling environmental pollution and proper planning of the industrial sector.


pollution, environment, solid waste, environment supporters, ecotourism.