Environmental Hazards and Their Evaluation in Mosul City Northern Iraq

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.IV: 77-84 (4), 8 pages
Author:ahmed 'hassan
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The investigation and quantification of hazard impact on humans environment, represents most important issues for many specialists in different discipline of sciences. Different factors stimulate such interest, but at the same time, all factors are listed under broad title of protecting human’s environment from hazards risk and insure sustainable environment at present and future. The environment problems at Mosul city intimately bound to the tools of conduct of development programs, and to settlement expantion. The environment problems increase with progressive stages of development, however, the inevitable evolve witnessed by Mosul city during the last fifty years, lead to variations in the nature, area and uses of land at the left bank of Mosul city. This is clearly shown by comparison values of index of human impact on land nature, such as (509.78, 605.2, 613.3) calculated from data base represented by aerial photographs and space images for the year (1955, 1989, 2005) respectively.


Hazard, protecting of environment