New aspects in Peanut growing technology by Foliar application of Lactofol “Fe” with decreased pesticide doses

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.IV: 19-21 (4), 3 pages
Author:Shaban 'Nidal
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The mixed application of suspension leaf fertilizer lactofol [lac. Fe] with pesticides [herbicides & insecticides] stimulated high control effects, which didn’t decrease the weed & insect control affects by reducing the pesticide doses with 12.5 & 25%. The insecticide control was effective against mites when the lac. Fe was used alone without any mitecides. The yield was increased (7.4-28.4%) after treatment with mixed application of lac. Fe and pesticides. The highest yield was obtained (28.4%) when the lac. Fe was mixed with 25% decrease in pesticide doses. These results certified the economic & ecological value of this technology.


Peanut, Leaf fertilizer lactofol, Pests, pesticides.