Phytosanitary monitoring of Lilium rhodopaeum Delip. in Bulgaria

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.IV: 15-17 (4), 3 pages
Author:Sergey 'Bistrichanov
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During previous four years (2005-2008), the natural enemies (pests and pathogens) of Lilium rhodopaeum Delip. in Rodopa Mountain was studied. The phytosanitary status of its habitats was assessed and determined. The investigated populations were stable and showed slow-steady increasing during the years of monitoring. In general, phytosanitary status was good enough except for Tzigansko gradishte where more attention was considered to this rare species and some measures were applied to preserve it. All investigated populations of Lilium rhodopaeum Delip. suffered from the same problems, the plants were attacked by pests (grasshoppers and beetles) and pathogens (grey mold).


Lilium rhodopaeum, Monitoring, Phytosanitary status, Pests, Pathogens