Study the effect of the petroleum leakage on the grade of the shallowness water

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (17), 20 pages
Author:Rand 'R. Ahmed
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Water is the origination of the life and It’s essential ingredient to growth the society. Therefore we must preservation is from several contaminate it happened to guarantee obtainment a cleanwater that meeting with the several purpose and the human needing.This search aims to studiesthe effect of leakage petroleum on the grade of Djlla river by investigate the specifications (Temperature, pH, TDS, conductivity, water hardness, TSS, Turbidity, Chlorides) for period (20 February to 10 April).This study establish that all this factors aforesaid was increase after the leakage of petroleum beyond the pH value was decrease, increase of this factors can affecting onthe specificwater and aquatic life (fish, bird and others). Leakage of petroleum can interfere withour wastewater treatment process because the oil can coalesce and solidify therefore water levelsensor and pump switches can get fouled by oil causing pump fail to start over and abovedifficulty to separating the oil from water.



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