Hydraulic Performance of Mandali Dam Spillway in Iraq

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.V: 35-48 (5), 14 pages
Author:ahmed 'hassan
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A physical model was designed and constructed with a scale of 1:50 to simulate Mandali Dam spillway and its approaches. Twenty six measuring were carried out with different discharges that cover the range of expected discharges. Analysis of the collected data showed that the discharge coefficient, Cd, of the spillway was 1.7 at low discharges and it was 2.05 in case of high discharges. The model showed that the relative losses of energy dissipated through the stilling basin were varied inversely with the discharge between 71.7% and 64.6%. The measurements of the three piezometers sets located on the spillway indicated that all the measured pressures along the weir surface are positive for full range of discharges. The hydraulic model confirmed that the approach flow to the spillway inlet was generally smooth and without disturbances.


Dam spillway, hydraulic modeling, physical models, stilling basin.