Phosphorus Status in Soils of Great Groups in Qena Governorate

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.V: 21-32 (5), 12 pages
Author:Hussien 'Ragheb
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The present investigation was carried out to study the phosphorus status of different soil great – groups present in Qena Governorate .The soil in Qena Governorate is belonged to the following great – groups :Vtt, Eftt, Epqt and Eott. One hundred and five location samples distributed all over the entire area representing the soils of each great group in each territory of Qena Governorate were prepared. The P status of the soils of each great –group was assessed using a variety of chemical extraction methods. A pot experiment was also carried out to study the supplying power of P using Reygrass plants. The obtained results shows that:- The bicarbonate extractable inorganic P (NaHCO3-Pi) in the studied soil samples of different great – groups showed a wide variations that cooped with different chemical of these soils. The amount of Pi in the surface layers of the soils of all great-groups were noticeably higher than that of sub-surface ones. The bicarbonate extractable organic P ( NaCO3-Po) contents in the studied soils were different between soils of –great groups and among the soils of each great – groups. The values of total bicarbonate extractable phosphorus (NaHCO3-Pt) showed a considerable variation in Pt among various samples. The data also indicated that Pt in soil generally decreased as the soils became coarse in texture, low in organic content and in total CaCO3 content. P uptake by Raygrass was positively and significantly (P<0.05) correlated with both bicarbonate extractable P forms Pi and Po as well as the total bicarbonate extractable phosphorus Pt .The pearson simple correlation coefficients for the P uptake against Pi, Po and Pt were 0.7817**,0.7823**and 0.8215**, respectively.


Bicarbonate, phosphorus, soils, groups.