Using Composite Material in Transportation Pipes of Wheat in Silos

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol.V: 1-10 (5), 10 pages
Author:Maryam 'Ghadhban
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Resistible composites have been suggest to be used instead of carbon steel pipes to overcome number of common problems during commercial applications, especially the problem of fixing dead-beat carbon steel pipes within these systems. A buildup apparatus studied the wearing in pipes for the carbon steel and composites specimens. The electrical prosperities of the composites resistible material of unsaturated polyester reinforced with glass fiber and aluminum honeycomb were studied to find the best conditions for the constructed pipes. It was found that, by increasing the concentration of aluminum powder up to 50% of the composite mixture the electrical conductivity increases within the range of semi-conductance (from 1x10-4 to 10x10-4 S/cm). The best concentration of aluminum powder was 30% of the composite mixture, which represent the most suitable electrical. Also, it was found that aluminum honeycomb samples were a very good electrically conductive (3.7x105 S/cm) suitable for certain applications.


Composite material, transportation, wheat