The role of rural women in agricultural development in Saqlata district, Sohag Governorate

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (21), 12 pages
Author:السيد محمد ابوزيد، عبد المنعم محمد عبد الرحمن، 'ولاء ناجي محمد
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This research aimed to identify the role of rural women and to measure their contribution and participation in agricultural development. The sectoral data collected through a questionnaire of a randomized multistage sample of 100 rural women, they are living in Saqulta District, Sohag Governorate. In addition, some of the published and unpublished data in Sohag Governorate were used. The descriptive method such as tabular comparisons and various statistical analyzes were used in this study. Regarding the participation of women (women and girls), they amounted to about 42.42%, 20.02% of the total temporary and permanent employment, respectively, during the 2009/2010 census. It was also found that the number of hours for women to participate in both plant production, animal production and agricultural industries amounted to about 121.82, 626.67, 302.73 hours, with an estimated value of 768.17, 3805.31 and 1920.56 pounds during the agricultural year 2018/2019, respectively. The most important problems facing rural families were the combination of working at home and farm, the difficulty of farm work for women and their preoccupation with raising children, the high prices of agricultural production requirements, and the difficulty of obtaining the capital necessary to finance agricultural projects. The study showed that the most important factors to improve the level of rural women is to facilitate borrowing from banks with simple benefits and guarantees, and the introduction of easy payment systems. 


Agricultural development, Rural women, Sohag.