Legal mechanisms to protect the environment from pollution

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (21), 6 pages
Author:Ounnoughi Nabil '
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The shape and survival of a person is determined by a set of chemical, physical and biological factors in which he lives, such as climate and geology, which is known as the environment, as this space is one of the most important topics that concern the whole of humanity, and pollution that occurs on the environment is among the most dangerous The problems facing societies that desperately need to take the necessary measures to secure legal protection in its various forms of the environment, especially with the technological revolution in the world today, which is the main cause of environmental pollution as well as the lack of cultural awareness of society, which may emit from its members activities that increase h The intensity of pollution in the environment, and it also makes with it an increasing need to find quick solutions to this problem, especially since its impact is not limited to the local scale, but it includes in its impact other countries and whether it is water, air or land pollution. It has held many international agreements, treaties and conferences to come out in a way that guarantees the goal for that. What is the legal solution to end pollution?


Law, Environment, Pollution and Protection.