Aspergillus sakultaensis, a new species in section Flavipedes isolated from Sohag Governorate, Egypt

The Journal of Environmental studies (JES) 
Vol. (20), 21-28 pages
Author:Abdel-Naser A. Zohri, Osama A. Al-Bedak 'and Marwa M. Abdel-Kareem
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During the routine sampling from Atawayel canal at Atawayel village, Sakulta city, Sohag Governorate, Egypt and isolation of fungi from these water samples, an interesting isolate of Aspergillus was recovered. The phenotypic characteristics of the isolate revealed its strong relationship to Aspergillus section Flavipedes. Sequencing of the Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) gene demonstrated that the isolate is a new species belonging to section Flavipedes. The new taxon morphological characters exhibited a huge differentiation between other species in brightly yellow mycelium color on MEA and CYA at 25 °C and on MEA, CYA, Cz and CREA at 30 °C, conidiophore length (up to 3 mm), accessory conidia absence and hull cells shape. The new strain was described and illustrated as A. sakultaensis. A pure culture of the new taxon was deposited in the culture collection of the Assiut University Mycological Centre as AUMC 13885, uploaded in MycoBank as MB 831480 and the ITS sequence was uploaded to GenBank as MK391495.


Aspergillus, Flavipedes, New taxon, Phylogeny, ITS.